License Requirements
     Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Civil Engineer

PA Professional Engineers

The State of Pennsylvania requires 24 hours of Continuing Education each year prior to the license renewal period.

-Renewal for Engineers is September 30th biennially.

Our online classes are applicable to Pennsylvania engineer continuing education for any engineering disipline.

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     (2) hours of General CE Credits
            -Construction Contract Primer        
            -Lead Safe Practices        

          Continuing Education Classes & Credits for FREE

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This package is designed to fulfill the continuing education requirements of Pennsylvania Professional Engineers and includes:     

     (24) hours of General CE Credits
             (After enrollment you may choose any (24) of the following classes.)
            -Advanced Residential Design Considerations        -Advanced Wind Mitigatioin Methodologies 1
            -Advanced Wind Mitigatioin Methodologies 2        -Aging in Place Pt 1
            -Aging in Place Pt 2        -Electrical Conductors in the Building Environment
            -Collections the Offensive Game        -Collections the Defensive Game
            -Electrical Energy Storage        -Electrical Safety, Pt 1
            -Electircal Safety Pt 2        -Home Energy Efficiency
             -Energy Intensive Processes        -Energy Technology Solutions Pt 1  
            -Energy Technology Solutions Pt 1         -Energy Technology Solutions Pt 3               
            -OSHA Fall Protection                  -Historic Presrvatioin
            -Improving Compressed Air Systems Pt 1                -Improving Compressed Air Systems Pt 2                
            -Improving Fan Systems Performance Pt 1                -Improving Fan Systems Performance Pt 2                      
            -Improving Motor & Drive Systems Pt 1          -Improving Motor & Drive Systems Pt 2                     
            -Improving Pumping System Performance Pt 1          -Improving Pumping System Performance Pt 2                    
            -Mechanical Properties of Wood         -Nanomanufacturing                    
            -Navigating the NEC                  -OSHA Personal Protection Equipment
            -Parabolic Trough Solar Water Heating                  -Positive Business Planning
            -Wood-Based Composites Pt 1        -Wood-Based Composites Pt 1
            -Constructin Contract Primer        -Environmentally Friendly Landscaping & Site Design
            -Ethical Obligations of Public Officials        -Understanding FL Laws & Rules #489
            -Intellectual Property Primer Pt 1        -Intellectual Property Primer Pt 2
            -Workers Compensation Primer        -Power Grid Technologies
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 1        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 2
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 3        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 4
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 5        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 6
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 7        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 8
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 9        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 10
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 11        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 12
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 13        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 14
            -NEC Code Changes Hr. 15        -NEC Code Changes Hr. 16
            -Sustainability Matters Pt 1        -Sustainability Matters Pt 2
            -Sustainability Matters Pt 3        -Fasteners for Wood Construction, Pt 1
            -Fasteners for Wood Construction, Pt 2        -Photovoltaics Pt 1
            -Photovoltaics Pt 2        -Lead Safe Practices

          "Create Your Own" 24 Hour Continuing Education Package $249

Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Professional Engineer Continuing Education Requirements

Hours Required: 24 Hours biennially
Renewal Deadline: September 30th odd years for all engineers
Carryover Allowed: 12
Course Approval: The Board does not pre-approve providers or specific courses. Each engineer must determine whether an activity meets the Board's requirements.
Course Content: Continuing professional competency obtained by a licensee should maintain, improve or expand skills and knowledge obtained prior to initial licensure, including law and ethics applicable to the profession, or develop new and relevant skills and knowledge. No credit shall be given for a course in practice building or office management.
State Website:
Contact Info: PA - State Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists Board
One Penn Center 2601 North 3RD Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Tel: 717-783-7049
Valid Course Work: PDH units may be earned as follows:
(1) Successful completion of college courses relevant to professional practice.
(2) Completion of continuing education courses relevant to professional practice.
(3) Completion of correspondence, televised, videotaped and other short courses or tutorials relevant to professional practice.
(4) Completion of seminars, employer-sponsored courses, workshops or professional or technical presentations made at meetings, conventions or conferences relevant to professional practice.
(5) Teaching, presenting or instructing in any of the activities listed in clauses (1), (2), (3) and (4).
(6) Authoring published papers, articles or books relevant to professional practice.
(7) Obtaining patents relevant to professional practice.
Converting Education to PDH: Units of other types of credit shall be converted to PDH units as follows:
(i) One college or unit semester hour shall equal forty-five PDH units.
(ii) One college or unit quarter hours shall equal thirty PDH units.
(iii) One continuing education unit shall equal ten PDH units.
(iv) One hour of professional development in course work, seminars or professional, technical presentations made at meetings, employer-sponsored courses, conventions or conferences shall equal one PDH unit.
(v) Each published paper, article or book shall equal ten PDH units.
(vi) Each patent obtained shall equal ten PDH units.
Teaching any of the above activities shall equal double the amount of PDH units provided for in those subclauses. Teaching credit shall be awarded for teaching a course or seminar but shall not be awarded to full-time faculty members in the performance of their duties at their employing institutions.
Recordkeeping: The licensee shall be responsible for maintaining records to be used to support credits claimed. Required records shall include all of the following:
(1) A log showing the type of activity claimed, sponsoring organization, location, duration, instructor's or speaker's name and PDH credits earned.
(2) Attendance verification records in the form of completion certificates or other documents supporting evidence of attendance.